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Love Never Dies

For information or to purchase your copy of Love Never Dies, the new grief survival guide by GriefWorks Director Larry Barber, click here.

What is CounselingWorks?

CounselingWorks is a nonprofit Dallas Christian Family Counseling ministry serving individuals, couples, and families. Our team consists of 12 licensed counselors and staff who give compassionate help—at a dramatically reduced cost—to:

Counseling does work! At CounselingWorks, we believe that strong individuals, marriages, and families are possible despite life's toughest challenges. We see it happening every day.

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Even before you meet with us, please take advantage of our easy-to-read, practical articles that will give you a head start or listen to our archived Radio programs—whether on marriage counseling . . . healing of anxiety, depression, abuse or loss . . . or relief from family conflicts or other issues.

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CounselingWorks in Dallas is looking for counseling affiliates in:

South Dallas
Fort Worth

We are looking for Christian counselors (LPC, LMFT or LCSW) who would like to work with our ministry & clients out of their private practice offices.

For more information, please call Larry Barber at 972-960-9981 or email

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